Monday, March 12, 2007

am3rican classixxx--4

d3dicat3d 2 all th3 tamal3 slang3rz of th3 world, from granny's hot tamal3z vans posting up on 40 str33t corn3rz in corpitos 2 th3 youngst3rz across all of aztlan, coll3cting th3ir barrio cr3dz, bundl3s of st3aming ojas tuck3d in folds of shiny aluminum und3r th3ir soon-to-b3 v3t3rana/o arms; i salut3 you. n3ta.

Untitled Temptation Poem for a Homeboy Epiphany Regarding Rain on a Soggy-Ass Sunday Nite

Susto: out of the flat, flat plains, a trickle of it:
A burst. Belligerence, boasts. A voz.
Blusters, bombards. Voz.
Electronic, prickly voz. Primordial voz.
Lofty as the tallest bellies of table-clouds
and spring bulls,
that buoyancy, which brings me to this:
Mogul of mud and mestizos,
Plateaus and pilgrimages,
Putos and piety: a jaino in January, a jaino
En Marzo. Traiciones, monarcas;
Relampagos y cabarones—
Ssshhk. Sssshhk.
This susto is what a vato like me is all about.