Thursday, July 19, 2007

Flores Street Car Wash & the Uncanny Mementos Proffered by a South San Anto Industrial-Size Dumpster

An assertion:
Washroom allegories!

My allegiances pledged to vatos and one verga.
A vow to vacuum and wax these cuerpos that are
All alloy and homeboy chrome.
Termites gouge eyes in the box spring
I dragged from the cold room in Coahuila when
Chirps and chortles cuff that esophageal splatter
I hacked up over that turgid cena of puerco and pan.
This is the belligerence of la verdad stuffed in the
Disposal bin innards of lions and xorizo hybrids and
Parables of busted-up lawn furniture belonging to Laura Leon.
Signal, sigh, bump a rolla or a cuento, throw a lil cruise—
Of grackles, of the giant cloud-bound bird de San Benito
Eyeing all of us as bait. Triple sheen!
Dos Mujeres! Un Camino! Amen!