Saturday, April 26, 2008

Little Papers

i. Acquire

I fathom shit; Monumental shit; Lumps of Meaning and
Palpability slant the yard—handsome, idle things; microchips
and melancholies; turds and all things new;
Nonchalance gone askew—
Elephant dung and strong Epiphanies
swelling at the end of short charismatic films;

Longing gone amok;

ii. Plastic Release

Organelles. Irreparable limps and mimicry:
Long ones. Undertones. Origami silhouettes, flat bones,
Small cranes, Changuitos and sticks!
Bougainvillea for show; meanwhile, I’ve fibroblasts roaring;
to renovate memory; to renovate time;
I watch their bursts of shit (bougainvillea, fibroblasts)—
admirably, admirably…

Flora. Pinkish cysts. Fiery folds and fields of shit. Intricacies.
Little promises like chandeliers and chokeholds:
Transgress, trespass. Transcend.
I am. I am troubled by pharynxes and little papers, little flowers,

iii. Cytoplasm

and odd Bouts of piety, bouts of piss; little promises;
inconsistencies; little bits like moths and monsters and
mobs, I fear these doubts, these little fits and