Sunday, July 02, 2006

Untitl3d Lov3 Po3m for My B3st Hom3boy 3v3r, #120

A prying open of ribs, guey.
I swoon. The amplitude of you,
Me. An outpour, a clandestine deluge.
Privy to this eureka--upholstery, half a moon,
That 2 a.m. aloneness I deplore.

Indignant clavicle, upheaval of all my colchones--
I veer into this an avid, blustering comet, witness to
that overzealous supernova that is my heart.

Irretrievably, I’ve clamored over
Crowbar and penance.
Hammered rusty milagros to stiff pecan trunks and
Stammered, stymied as knots,
Through one deft door to
The next. And now,
Enamored, I stand erect.
Dick frenzied, heaving, believing
Ain’t nobody else gonna suck my dick, guey.
No other verga ever thumping my
Tonsil or tripas.

Loosely, I’ve tethered this heartstring
To that boulder or that tree.
Love, guey.
I lug nostalgia. Nostalgia—
that puto who beckoned me to you.

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