Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Serenade of Bricks
An old school love poem

I serenade you with homeboy poetry
and light velas to protect what is ours;

I got you in my head like bricks, that fuckin heavy, babe;
So fuckin firme—

Each nite,
See, I bust a load on your ample pecho, guey,
spell words like:
Por vida
Confessin a Feeling
Para Siempre
Con Safos, guey;

I groan.
Like the first time you go inside me and pump a crunk load between my legs, or
the moment your own hole clenches round my dick and coaxes out a hard-earned Mescan nut.

And sabes, guey, when you pressing that fat uncut pedasote behind me, nudging your cuero into my cachetes, or down on your knees, vato—
Mamandome, tragandome,
Then I scrape my scalp, spit all my loneliness
Alongside forlorn pelitos washing away
Like condemned fish into the silver hollow of drain;

As you lick the name on my neck, guey,
and grip my dick full in your palm
or your mouth; slobber my cock, vato;
lube me con tu saliva—
let me grip your skull from the sides and talk my shit—
suck that dick, guey;
eat that fuckin dick, pa;
never stop loving me, having me, knowing me—
I do the same shit for you. Neta

And I write chingos of fuckin stanzas,
all devoted to you, my most firme vato ever, guey;
my one and only—
I know you now in the memories of my muscles;
I know you from the mass of all my dreams, all my corajes, all my sufrimiento, all my god damn soledad, all my fuckin ganas and deseos and years of aguantando.
I know you. I finally fuckin know you.


sanmino said...

damn talk about intensity

Brandon Lacy Campos said...

It's shit like this that make people fall ridiculously and simply in love with Joe Jimenez.