Sunday, September 06, 2009

Determined to Dump this Old, Beat-Down Wallet and All Its Contents Deep into the Texas Gulf

I scrape my scalp, vato.

Examine chupetes, old cicatrizes.

Damn this mirror.


Once the foam dries up,

Pores seething beneath hair tonic

Splashed like holy water,

I imagine myself at the edge of

the Gulf.

Stifle a yelp.


I don’t give a fuck to know.

I’ve trekked to the end of the continent,

Tossed old bones like fish back to the

Pacific. Watched that box

Submerge, vanish like

Pier legs and sand.

Thing is

I love like a typhoon, I’ve

Convinced myself.

Like a man on a mission.

Persistent. All-giving,

Lacking a plan.

Resolute. Indomitable as

Monarchs journeying home.

Willing to offer all parts of myself,

Even memory. For you

To love me stronger, longer,

Por Vida. That love no one’s ever seen.

All these things.


See, vato, I’m loyal as fuck.

That’s the thing. Down til the end.

Ready to follow Love to the fiery gates of hell

and back, if that’s what it takes--

That’s my cache.

Thus, this wallet. These tatts.

My Pendleton. This impasse.

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