Monday, February 15, 2010

In the long lineage of ribs, 
boneless ribs, containing cotton 
but no cartilage, 
to which connects no sternum, 
no clavicle, no ligament of heart
or lung, then, this pair of Chucks, folded over
and accompanied by tallboy calsitenes
chones, a wifebeater loaned or left behind, 
don’t matter when observing one’s tio shine 
and his homeboy shine
and that fine-ass vato in the blue Cutty at the car wash shine
and your jefa’s old school dude shine 
and your homegirl’s brother Guicho shine 
so firme, so fine--
one’s homeboy crease down so fine. Then, 
this pair of tongues that whisper, 
“This way.  Asinita, bro.”  

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